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Attendance passes will be sent to the primary pass holder at their nominated postal address from 16th March 2015.

On 25 April 2015 we mark the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli.

The ballot to attend Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli in 2015 has been drawn and all applicants have been notified of the outcome of their application.

Those who were successful in the randomly drawn ballot are required to arrange and fund their own travel to Turkey. The Australian Government will not be providing financial or travel assistance to successful ticket holders.

A wait list has been created for those ballot applicants who elected to participate, in order to distribute any passes returned from those unable to attend. The wait list will operate until 31 March 2015 and after that date, no remaining passes will be issued.

If you are on the wait list and need to update your contact details please phone Ticketek on 1300 364 002.

You can find out where you are ranked on the ballot wait list.
Wait list ranking document (PDF 6 MB)
Wait list ranking document (XLS 1.7 MB)

For those who don't get offered a place in the ballot, please read about other opportunities (PDF 120 KB) to mark the Centenary.

Information is available for Tour/Cruise providers on arrangements for 24-25 April 2015 in the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park and off its shores.

Accept or Reject Offer

If you have received an offer of attendance passes through the Australian ballot, sign in to your account to accept or reject the offer and update your details.

If you are on the wait list and need to update your contact details please phone Ticketek on 1300 364 002.

When you have updated your account, a message will appear at the top of your screen in a red box, before you are directed back to the Homepage of the Gallipoli 2015 website. At a later date, Ticketek will send you an email confirming your update.

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You can sign in to your ballot account to accept or reject your offer. If you have already accepted your offer, you are able to sign in and add or update details.

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New Zealanders

For information on the New Zealand ballot – visit the New Zealand Government Gallipoli 2015 website. 

Large crowd gathers in front of 3 flags

Large crowds participate in the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site, Gallipoli.